Thursday, October 16, 2014

Soccer in PE

We have spent the past 4 weeks learning and refining our soccer skills in PE.  Students in Kindergarten, first, and second grade used their skills in a variety of tag games and modified soccer activities.  Students in third and fourth grade participated in a World Cup tournament, playing a series of small sided games.  Students learned some of the game concepts and worked together as a team, demonstrating sportsmanship and fair play.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Pictures From the First 4 Weeks of PE

Cooperating, Problem Solving, and Exercising in PE!!

We have been very busy in Physical Education at UCS!  We spent the first 3 weeks building our "team" or community.  Students participated in a variety of cooperative games, we created our hopes for the year in PE, and students established our rules.  During this time we also learned and reviewed Space Concepts (self space, general space, levels, directions, and pathways).
This week we began our soccer unit!  Students in K-2 are learning and refining their dribbling, passing, and shooting skills.  We will play many tag and modified games to help practice these skills.  Students in 3-4 are reviewing and continuing to develop their soccer skills.  We will also be discussing game play concepts and then use these strategies in a round robin "World Cup" soccer tournament.
It is extremely important that your child comes to PE prepared to be physically active.  Students must have on sneakers or shoes that protect the toes and have a nonslip sole.  Crocs are not the best as they easily fall off and because the feet move around easily in them, students are more susceptible to ankle injuries.  Students should also have on comfortable clothes for moving.  We go outside often, so your child may want to bring a pair of socks or other shoes to change into after in case their sneakers get wet.
Here is a schedule of what days each class has PE:

Curry- Wednesday, Thursday
Little- Tuesday, Wednesday
Jones- Tuesday, Wednesday
Mayer- Tuesday, Wednesday
Porter- Tuesday, Thursday
Reagan- Tuesday, Thursday
Danis- Tuesday, Thursday

Please feel free to contact me at with any questions!