Friday, December 4, 2015

First and Second Grade First Trimester Overview

First and second grade students began the school year with a review of Space Concepts.  This includes moving in one’s self space as well as with others in the general space.  Other concepts include traveling with and without equipment in different levels, directions, pathways, all while varying force and speed.  Students applied the space concepts to a variety of cooperative and tag games.  Grades one and two have also completed units in Soccer and Volleyball.  Students learned the basic skills used to play the game and then refined their skills through individual, partner, and small group practice.  Throughout the trimester, we have also focused on the theme of Sportsmanship.  Every physical education lesson has been connected to a sportsmanship skill.  Students are learning to play fair, be respectful to other players and the ref (the teacher), and to accept the outcome of the game.  A sportsmanship checklist is used at the end of games for students to self-assess their social skills.

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