Friday, December 4, 2015

Third and Fourth Grade First Trimester Overview

Third and fourth grade students began the school year with a Cooperative Games and Team Building Unit.  Students worked together to exercise, solve challenges, and learn strategies for working as part of a team.  Students also learned how to use the Sportsmanship Checklist (playing fair, respecting others, accepting the outcome of the game) to self-assess their behavior during game play.  The checklist will be used throughout the year and social skills/expectations will be added to it each trimester.  Grades three and four then participated in the team sports of Soccer and Volleyball.  Students refined their skills and then applied them to a variety of small and large group modified games.  Students began to learn some of the basic rules of each sport as well as the game concepts of offense and defense.  As the trimester ends, students are completing the PACER running test, which is the first of six Fitnessgram tests they will complete throughout the year.

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