Friday, December 4, 2015

Kindergarten First Trimester Overview

Kindergarten students began the first trimester with a Space Concepts unit in PE.  Students explored and learned ways to move in their self space as well as together in the general space.  They also discovered ways to move themselves and equipment in different levels, directions, and pathways while changing both force and speed.  These concepts were then applied to our soccer unit and a ball unit.  Students also used their space concepts to work with peers and create the letters of the alphabet using their bodies.  This work was captured in photographs and will be made into an alphabet book along with letter art they are making with Mrs. Gomez.  Throughout the trimester we have been working on building our “Team of Movers”.  Students are learning how to interact with each other safely and respectfully.  They practice taking turns, encouraging teammates, and solving disagreements using kind words.  When our “Team” works together, we can all make moving and exercise fun!

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